Conservation Sound episode… Hiatus.  After five episodes over the summer, I’m putting Conservation Sound on hold. The workload was a bit too much for me by myself, alongside the day job and preparing for university, which was top priority (reasonably enough!). So with this episode I introduce some of the examples of sound in conservation which I was hoping to feature. The plan wold have been an interview and episode for each piece featured here. The clips in this episode are short, and used for the purposes of education and criticism.

There are more out there – researchers studying primate sounds in Borneo particularly tickle me – and perhaps another series will emerge, hybridised and more robust, after I graduate in September 2016.

Links for the audio mentioned in this edition:

Running after Antelope by Scott Carrier 

Out of Doors from BBC Radio Scotland 

Running the Goat by Chris Brookes/Battery Radio 

Off Track from ABC RN.

Other people and programmes who were on the cards include:

Tree-climber James Aldred who has been in a couple of BBC Natural History Unit radio programmes such as James and the Giant Eagle and James and the Giant Tree.

Taiwan-based sound artist Jannick Dauby.

Marc Anderson of Wild Ambience.
And Colette Kinsella whose Zoo Diaries (in particular ‘Birth’) pushed me to start the who project in the first place.

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